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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now from about alexandria down through dale city and triangle and stafford. again, east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. it is not going take long before it makes its way to clinton area, accokeek, waldorf and let's go ahead and track this line out off to the east at 30, 40 miles per hour. coal landing by the next couple of minutes. broad creek by 5:02. approaching indian head by 5:04. coming along fairly quickly. again, and as well as the future scan where we expect that's storms within the next hour, future scan by 7:00 p.m., brings it down into areas of calvert and st. mary's county. then down through the northern neck. and around essex and king william county. fast moving line of storms, bringing rain fall totals anywhere from about a half to over an inch and winds that could exceed 50 to 60 miles per hour. again, possibility of hail with these as well. already around ft. belvoir,
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virginia, area, we have gott gotten .16 inches of rain. sharpsburg picked up just over a third of an inch. so possibility of storms until 7:00. could be isolated storms lingering around the northern neck until about 9:00 p.m. so fast-moving line of storms and i will keep you updated with more warnings as they come out which i'm sure they will. >> we will be waiting to hear from you. veronica, thank you. we are following breaking news of a school bus crash in southeast washington. right now d.c. police and fire crews are on the scene. this is at 51st street and southern avenue. er with told the crash involved a prince george's county school bus and a van and a truck. five special needs students were on the bus at the time of the accident. their names and conditions are not being released at this time. no word on what caused that crash. maryland state police are looking for the driver of the vehicle that hit and killed a highway worker in anne arundel county. police say an ambulance crew returning to his base found
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52-year-old sabra. on the side of the road around 1:00 in the morning in annapolis on route 50 near bay dale drive. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: it happen order eastbound route 50 in anne arundel county at 1:00 a.m. the victim was 52-year-old sabra. contracted with the maryland state highway authority. sabra was killed and authorities believe as he walked in the left lane of route 50. he was replacing a traffic counting device. >> he had his reflective clothing on, he had his vehicle parked there with his indicating light on. so people should have seen and recognized the fact there may have been a work zone at that point in the morning. >> reporter: police say the initial vehicle that struck sabra did not stop. he was thrown into another traffic lane. >> where he was then hit again by a tractor trailer. >> reporter: that vehicle did stop. authorities say this highlights
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the dangers of driving through roadway work zones. maryland has institute ad program where speed cameras are placed in those zones to get motorists to exercise caution. penalty for speeding are more severe as well. work zones aren't the only one was cones and heavy equipment. >> see a truck on the side of the road with four-way flashes on, even if it is not a construction zone, a broken down vehicle, disabled vehicle, exercise caution and move over fwra that because they may be changing a tire and may be out on the vehicle trying fix it, low-lighting conditions. >> reporter: state highway author says over the past decade an. of 12 people died each year in road work zone crashes. mo more,000 have been injured. an investigation is looking for the hit and run driver and also looking at whether the proper protocols were followed. the co-workers are calling him a
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hard worker and a devoted husband and father of three. in maryland, derrick ward, news4. police sit down to remember one of their own that died in the line of duty. a funeral with full honors was held for senior officer frank strather in landover. he was on his way to work at the st. patrick's day parade this past march when he was stricken by a medical incident. he died eight days later. the 63-year-old has spent more than 35 years on the metro police force. special police procession was held for him after today's funeral. a second body was found in the potomac river today days after a mother and daughter were swept away during a memorial day outing. the body found this morning was about a quarter mile south of old angler's inn in potomac, maryland. the u.s. park police found the first body yesterday in the river near glen echo. that's six miles downstream from where 35-year-old olga gaspar and daughter emily escalante disappeared on monday.
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family members say gaspar slip flood the river and her daughter went in to try to save her. they both got caught up in the strong currents near difficult run. today several local agencies came together to warn people the river is far more treacherous than it looks. tracee wilkins reports. >> four days ago the river reminded us it is an unforgiving river and can kill. >> reporter: today officials from all of the law enforcement agencies in the durs jurisdiction over the potomac river gathered to get one point across. >> potomac river is scenic and it is strong and it is deep, treacherous, and it will take your life. >> reporter: this morning comes after a mother and daughter were sweptd away and presumably killed in the strong current at the potomac on memorial day. >> this is a swift moving river. it can take you under and keep you under and move you under for many, many miles. >> reporter: videos like this
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one and warnings are going out in multiple languages and multiple waves. to try to get the message across to all in this area. officials say the 14-mile stretch from great falls park to the key bridge may appear calm but extraordinarily deceptive. >> potomac river is dangerous 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 365 day as year. it is one of most dangerous stretches of whitewater in the eastern united states. >> reporter: officials are reminding the public that the maximum penalty for ignoring the rules and regulations when it comes to this river is a $500 fine or even up to six months in jail. tracee wilks, news4. >> national park services say eight people drowned in that same stretch of the potomac in the past year. sharp increase from previous years. there is a glimmer of hope in efforts to stop the oil leak in the gulf mexico. today bp crews managed to slice through the riser pipe.
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they used a device that resemble ad giant pair of scissors. the next step involves lowering a containment cap over the pipe and hopefully start pumping up to tankerships to the surface all that oyp. bp says the whole thing should be operational in the next day or two. crews use the scissors to make the cut after a saw got stuck in the pipe yesterday causing yet another in a series of frustrating delays. >> most maddening fwhgs all of this, we are dealing with the source of a spill that has no human access. dealing with technology proven elsewhere in oil drilling but never done it 5,000 feet with robotic remotely operated vehicles. >> the edge of the slick continues to drift towards beaches and pensacola, florida. it is expected to wash up tomorrow. president obama will revisit the louisiana gulf coast tomorrow to assess the latest efforts to combat that spill. the international manhunt for joran van der sloot is over.
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he has been detained in chile four days after the murder of a young peruvian woman. van der sloot already had international attention as a one-time suspect in the disappearance of american teenager natalee holloway. van der sloot was leased in that case. this time van der sloot is suspected in the murder of 21-year-old stephany ramirez whose body was found in a hotel in lima sunday. earlier we spoke with former fbi profiler decline van zandt who said this case against van der sloot is much stronger this time. >> five years ago, van der sl t sloot's father allegedly said no body, no case. meaning if natalee holloway's body can't be found they can't build a case against you, my son. well, now they have a body. they have a crime scene. they have physical evidence and they have a pretty good suspect. >> police say flores and van der sloot were seen together at a casino before flores was killed. a teenager arrested in the murder of a contract in southeastern washington. hale of capital heights,
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maryland, will be charged as an adult. they say he shot and killed 29-year-old manuel sanchez last month. sanchez was cutting the grass in front of the home on the 4600 block of hillside road when he was killed and died later at the hospital. hale is facing felony murder charges. there are more revelations about what happened the night robert wone was murdered from one of the swan street house mates today. pat collins has the latest from d.c. superior court. >> reporter: the swan street house mates say that an intruder killed robert wone. the intruder story. whether or not the judge believed it could greatly impact the outcome of this trial. in court today, brian wade. the lead detective in the robber wone murder case. he brought with him interviews he made with the three swan street housemates. their stories about what
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happened that night remarkably similar. and consistent. an intruder came into the house, grabbed a knife from the kitchen, went to the upstairs guest room, and stabbed robert wone, they said. police don't believe that story. in the taped interview, swan street housemate joe price said there was no time before the cops got there that we would have been to be able get together on our stories. he said there's month reason victor or dylan could do this. they couldn't spank a child that was being bad, he said. joe price, victor zaborsky, dylan ward the three swan street housemates charged with covering up the stabbing death of robber wone. no one has been charged with mr. wone's murder. over and over, price insisted the housemates' accounts of what happened is what happened.
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it may sound crazy he said but someone came in the back, took that knife, stabbed the guy, and took off. at the time the detective wade said he examined that -- he examined the backyard. he said he found cobwebs. he found no sign that anyone jumped the fence, no sign of an entry into that house. detective wade said he thought it was unlikely that someone could climb the fence in the back of that swan street house. not so, said defensive attorney tom connelly. connelly said he climbed that fence. he showed video of his climb to the judge. on the night rob wone was murdered, no witness remembers seeing an intruder. nothing was taken from the swan street house. i'm pat collins, news4,
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washington. still ahead we continue to keep an eye on our region of severe thunderstorm watch for most of our evening. "news4 at 5:00" is just getting started. also coming up, it is called a super cell. we will show you what destructive tornado rip apart an entire community. >> have you noticed gas prices have started to come down this summer? we are on patrol for the cheapest gas around. check this out. we found one station at $2 opinion 34 a gallon. where sit? i will tell you when "news4 at 5:00" returns. >> hollywood mourns the loss of a true "golden girl." >> i want you to take me.
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gas prices drop this week. we could still see lower prices in the coming weeks. today the average price for regular in the district, $2.86. $2 opinion $2.66 in virginia. hay found it way low out there. >> reporter: according to aaa mid atlantic, gas prices now are actually are around 30 cents higher than what they were at the same time last year. but because drivers are so
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accustomed to the prices rise as we approach the summer months, this sudden drop is a welcomed surprise. drivers are taking advantage of this unusual fall in gas prices by filling up their tanks to the very last drop. >> compared to what they used to be. a big truck. spending $4 less per gallon to fill it up. i'm happy with that. >> reporter: aaa mid at atlantic has been tracking the price of gas in our area. the past 30 days, gas has dropped 14 cents in the metro area. with the biggest drop down 21 cents in virginia. >> gas prices are impacted by what's happening internationally. and the situation in greece. the situation in europe and what's happening with the euro has taken some of the wind out of the sail. >> reporter: today in the district we found gas at $2.85 right around the average for d.c. by shopping around we also found $2.73 at the sunoco station. paying cash?
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price drops another five cents. once you leave the district heading past silver spring into beltsville, the price falls even more to $2.52 per gallon. >> i pretty much know the price in laurel. i live in hyattsville. and they are -- couple of pennies more, you know. that's where i get my gas. >> reporter: cheapest we found anywhere was $2.34 at the bp station on route 1. there is a catch. you have to buy a car wash for six bucks. >> would you consider getting your car washed because of it? >> it is dirty. >> reporter: it is $2.34 if you get a car wash. >> will it make you get a car wash? >> i think so. how do i change this? >> reporter: orlando dunn is hoping the prices stick around for the remainder of the summer so he can take his family on a vacation to ocean city. other drivers aren't waiting around. cashing in on deals while they last. >> decided to get that car
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washed after all. we want to know what gas prices are like in your neighborhood. next time you head to the pump snap a picture of the price with your phone and send it to us at make sure when you send it in, it includes your name and and where the gas station is. we will post the cheapest prices at our website at good tool for those that like to shop around. wendy, back to you. >> john schriffen. thanks, john. class work came to life in a way for students a local school today. it held its 15th annual boat races this afternoon. >> they sure did. the races were held in the school pool. students complete -- competed against one another in boats that they had designed. and then built using cardboard, hot glue, and paint. the boat race is a practical test of what the students had learned throughout the year in their science classes. >> and good thing they got those ready. you don't want to be on the water now. >> that's right. with lots of lightning in the area coming through with one line of storms now.
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first they were just clusters. they have come together in one good line. here is a look at the metro traffic camera. yes. this is live, folks. it is a mess out there on a regular day. it can be a mess. look how far you can see the athletes all the way backed up there. hopefully we will get a traffic report in just a moment. i will start by showing you radar here. i'm taking the actual radar information offered just a minimum to show thank you warnings that con until 6:00. latest one from western caroline county in virginia. down to the south. and then for northwestern anne arundel county, western charles county, and as well as northern montgomery county and southwestern prince george's county, maryland, until 5:45. and eastern howard also until 5:45. now for the radar information back on, we will go ahead and zoom in here. one line that we are watching, we are -- storms are the heaviest is where you -- south of the district. alexandria. and down through western portions of charles county.
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marbury area. pretty good area of rain here that will blow through you folks in areas of la plata the next couple much minutes. another cell further north. just outside of eastern montgomery county and coming into howard county right now. this one putting down good rain and all of these producing quite a bit of lightening. where will we be by the time we get to 7:00? here is a look at future scan which project it is rain you on. and by about 7:00, down through southern anne arundel county, probably calvert county, down through the northern neck, colonial beach area, us will by area, 7:00, 7:30. there is a severe thunderstorm watch that's up until 9:00. the bulk of the weather will be through the area by the time we get to about 7:00, 7:30. 79 is the p.m. our temperature was at one point up to around 90 degrees. we are cooling off across the area. winds out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. as far as rainfall totals go across the area quite a bit in some areas and not a lot in
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others. 9:00, few lingering storms south of us. drop to 82 degrees by 9:0037 then down to 80 by 11:00 p.m. there is that line on your future scan again. and you can see the lightning from areas of clinton, maryland, down towards bell havevedere ar. prince william county, i believe, that was over an inch of rain earlier. .42, front royal area. as far as the watch goes, there is another one up across areas of southern new england. which will be the same deal. we are going on go true this whole drill again on saturday with yet another front. we have a fast moving pattern. weekend storm system for us is over the northern plains. so -- one storm today that could linger with a few isolated storms tomorrow. and then another system coming up for saturday. i leave you then with this evening's forecast.
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heavy storms as i we drop out of the 80s and into the low 70s by tomorrow morning. 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> okay. you have been busy in there. we will see you in a little bit. we learned an american was one of the people killed during a raid by israel on a flotilla of ships. we are going to tell you about the recall of dish washers that can catch fire in your home. new discount store is moving in to an upscale d.c. neighborhood.
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she was one of the "golden girls." rue mcclanahan died early this morning at the age of 76. her manager says she suffered a massive stroke. mcclanahan's career spans stage, television, film. she is most remembered, hour, for playing the man hungry southern belle blanch devereux on "the golden girls." betty white is the only living member. she released a statement saying mcclanahan was a close and dear friend. the state department says an american was among the nine activists killed when israel raided a flotilla bound for gaza. the american has been identified as 19-year-old dogan. he was born in troy, new york. he sustained gunshot wounds but
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it is not clear who shot him. israel is rejecting calls for an international investigation into this incident. u.s. officials speaking carefully on the subject. they say they expect israel to conduct a credible investigation and one that includes international participation. a hearty welcome home for local soldiers in springfield, missouri, turned into a special surprise for one man's girlfriend. >> got something for you. i do. i love you very much. very, very much. i would be honored if you would be my wife. will you marry me? >> that was sergeant jason goldman of the 1107th proposing to his girlfriend, bailey. spell spend the next 15 days enjoying their timing to before golden has to return to his operating base in kuwait. he hopes to be home for good by early next year. >> let's hope he is. yes. >> nice. >> very sweet. >> still ahead students figured out new high-tech ways to cheat.
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we will tell you how some local teachers are busting up their schemes. better roads, noisy neighborhood. we will tell you about a construction battle getting loud. >> we are getting a new look at plans for the new
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coming up in this half hour,
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friendship heights, nordstrom's rack will be neighbors with knee men's. >> chris brown backs out of a local concert. >> we will tell you how to protect your eyes. keep up with the high-tech gadgets. welcome back to "news4 at 5:00." i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm barbara harrison. cheating in school is nothing new. instead of looking at a classmate's test some students looking at their cell phones and other devices for answers. one school in fairfax is trying to fight technology with technology. news4's elaine reyes joins us live with more on this story. >> teachers have told us the answers on the hands method is a popular way to cheat still but lately kids are using camera phones and the internet to boost their grade point averages. now teachers have some high-tech options of their own. ask any high school student and they have seen or heard of classmates who cheat. caroline weaver is a sophomore at robinson's secondary school in fairfax. some tactics sound familiar.
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>> calculators if you like doing math problems, type something in. some make you clear your calculators before a test. >> reporter: much of it nowadays is high-tech. >> also copying, pasting from different websites. >> human nay doesn't change. technology changes a great deal. we are pressed to keep up with the students because they are so text savvy. >> dan myers subscribed his school to a website program called instead of turning in their essays and papers the students upload them to the site. the website checks it for plaj airs many. more than 9,000 schools and universities subscribe to it. >> i think the teachers that use it definitely have cut down on plagiarism. >> sometime a picture may be taken of perhaps a key, answer key, off of a teacher's desk. >> reporter: psychology teacher colter weaver has seen everything. aside from he uses
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other technology. fighti ining technology with technology. >> on the plus side we use blackboard where there are some students that aren't very good at taking notes. all of my notes go on blackboard. power point presentations, assignments. they have access to technologies that are useful. >> reporter: cheater's body language has not changed. slumped shoulders, nervousness. today the tools help. >> it is easier to cheat. there is a bigger temptation to cheat. i think students are asked to do a lot more than i can remember in school. and so there is a -- pressure to perform as opposed to learn. >> reporter: although cell phones aren't allowed during class in many schools, of course, that doesn't prevent kids from using in any way we are told by principal meyer he is looking at ways to incorporate cell phones to enhance learning and says it is just how teenagers communicate now. and so he is trying to figure out a way how to capitalize on that.
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barbara, back to you. >> interesting to see what he comes up with. thank you, elaine. 273 is the best young spellners the world are here in washington for round two of the annual scripps national sbelg bee. 266 are from the u.s. a little over half this year are boys. contestants range in age from 8 to 14. suspense will build up to the championship round tomorrow night when the winner takes home $30,000 in cash and other prizes. what will it take to tell the full story of our country's 34th president? dwight eisenhower. this afternoon the architect designing the national eisenhower memorial presented his ideas to the national capital planning commission. aaron gilchrist has our first glimpse at this design concept. aaron? >> reporter: the design process is in its earliest possible stages right now. today frank geary detailed three alternatives for the commission to consider and one of them clearly rose to the top. it will become home to the
5:34 pm
memorial of the 34th president. today bee got a look at the three design openings for that memorial. and at the center of them all, gardens surrounded by trees and the story of eisenhower's life. >> and the idea of making sculptures in stone, carved, became one of the ideas. >> reporter: the team were adamant the memorial be more than a big statue. >> the main issue is how to create a precinct, a space, that where -- where you could develop a story about eisenhower. >> reporter: geary's first design left open maryland avenue which buy secretary it is four-acre tribute site. option two closes that road and eliminates 69 parking spaces but otherwise stays true to the first option. the third plan admittedly favored by geary offer it is most dramatic design element.
5:35 pm
tappesttri. >> this scheme proposes a tapestry full length of the site. raised up 15, 20 feet. >> reporter: in the mock upthe wall shows ve day, defining moment in eisenhower's story. the imagery would be decided later. the wall would show shadowy images that workers inside the department of education build which it blocks could see through. it is also the element that generated the most xoemts. >> this is the direction you go in, i think the transparency of that tapestry is going to be a big thing to look at. >> reporter: geary says their concerns did not fall on deaf ears. >> looking over my shoulder all the time. probably saying, frank, don't portray me as this big mucky muck. >> the design team will take our critiq critiques, feedback. over the next few months they will consider that as they continue their design work. >> reporter: the architects will present a final design likely
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this fall. today's presentation for the national capital planning commission was informational only. and fine arts commission have to give the thumbs up before anything is built. wendy? >> all right. aaron gilchrist, thanks. nordstrom's discount chain store nordstrom rack is coming to northwest washington. the new d.c. store will be located in friendship heights off wisconsin avenue where linens and things used to be. the store is expected to be open by next spring. there are currently 75 nordstrom rack stores in 21 states. maytagers are recalling more than 1.5 million dish washers because they could start a fire. a look at a powerful tornado that ripped apart everything in its path. >> veronica is keeping an eye on the severe weather. >> no tornadoes here. lots of lightning and heavy rain that's moving quickly through the area. lightning in and around alexandria right now headed over towards suitland, maryland. we have gotten more lightning, too. mitchellville to upper marlboro. anne arundel.
5:37 pm
look at all of what's getting through the remainder of the charles county. heavy rain, lightning and possibility of hail which i will get you updated on more when "news4 at 5:00" returns.
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it hit like a bomb. that's how witnesses are describing the scene after a tornado tore in from the sea and took aim at the australian
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coastal town of lenoxhead. the twister destroyed 12 homes and damaged dozens of others. trees were uprooted and power was cut to thousands of residents. police say it was a miracle no one was killed. six people were injured and most of the injuries were minor. the fire hazard triggered a huge recall of maytag brand dish washers. the company is recalling nearly 2 million dish washers. the problem is a defect in a heating element that can cause the element to burst into flames. dish washers sold from february of 2006 through april of this year. and consumers are advised to stop using the recalled dish washers immediately and contact maytag to schedule a free in-home repair or receive a rebate. there is a toll-free number you can call. 1-800-544-5513. coming up, new eyewear that will help you protect your sight in this world full of high-tech gadgets. >> we will tell you how neighbors are fighting a road project that will bring in a lot more noise to their streets. >> we keep hearing about stephen
5:41 pm
strasburg and the young and exciting nationals. we will introduce you to the young shortstop that helped start the team's youth movement.
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maryland state police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a highway worker on route 50 in annapolis early this morning. the victim 5shgs 2-year-old sabra was a subcontractor from north carolina. today bp crews managed to cut through that riser pipe at the bottom of gulf. next step, lowering a new containment cap to hopefully slow down the flow of oil. fire and rescue workers recover ad second body from the potomac river this morning. the body was found near perry island. investigators are looking into whether the remains are those of a mother and daughter who were swept away during the holiday
5:44 pm
outing on monday. that's a look at our headlines this hour. across northern virginia, sound walls are going up to protect neighborhoods as highway construction projects move along. the residents who live on either side of the dulles connector in fairfax county are upset that they have been left out. left to face the noise without any kind of sound barrier. news4's julie cary here with more on that. >> they form ad noise coalition to make their case. this afternoon fairfax county supervisors hudle with vdot hoping to convince the agency to come to the rescue and soon. even with the natural screen of tall trees, the highway noise often drowns out the chirping birds and the back yards of the homes alongside the dulles connector. >> very noisy. we lived here for 26 years. and it is very hard at night when you are sleeping. we close the windows. and keep the air conditioning running to drown tout noise. >> right now we don't go out on our patio. it is just too noisy.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: in the last year it has gotten worse with construction of a new silver line metro under way. i runs right down the middle of the connector. but what really worries residents is what it will sound like once the trains start rolling through on the elevated track. >> this will be horrible. this will be just horrible. >> reporter: sound walls are being erected up and down the beltway where the h.o.t. lanes are being built. the airport authority has promised some along the dulles toll road where the silver line will also go. but the dulles connector has been left out of the sound wall plan. building small walls around parts of the track to contain noise. but the agency is not obligated to put sound walls along the road. fairfax county supervisors are now asking vdot to step in and say legislation has already been approved to give vdot the responsibility. the trouble is lack of funding. >> major transportation project happening in this area. they are going to benefit the entire area. no question. and the entire state.
5:46 pm
they are having a very significant impact on the local residents. and so i believe their obligation or commitment should be to help mitigate that impact. >> reporter: residents who formed a noise coalition to keep up the pressure say it is time they go relief. >> we shouldn't have to bear the entire burden of the urbanization of fairfax county. we really need the sound walls up and down this dulles connector road. >> reporter: an initial meeting with vdot this afternoon was productive. next will be a noise study to find out what kind of sound barrier had work best. we had nasty weather out there. dark skies and let's see if we will have any -- i guess we have some rain in some areas. is that right? >> we had a lot of rain some n some areas. spots like nokesville west of the area picked up over an inch of rain. we are just left with showers around the district. silver spring, up into wheaton area and alexandria. you about with the worst weather, just south and east of
5:47 pm
the district. charles county and areas like calvert and st. mary's county. and as well as eastern areas of prince george's county, too, we are under severe thunderstorm warning. for that area until 6:15, caroline until 1996. for anne arundel until 6:30. let's zoom on in. these areas bringing heavy rain as well as frequent lightning. from waldorf down towards dahlgren. this whole line will be headed towards the east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. eventually get nothing areas like forest glen estates by 5:53. on into kindy hook. again, bringing with it lot of rain. possibility of some frequent lightning and even a chance for a little bit of hail across the area. get you update order more coming up in just a bit. >> thanks, veronica. let's take a look at what's coming up on "news4 at 6:00." here is doreen gentzler. >> we have a lot coming up on "news4 at 6:00." the man once questioned in the disappearance of natalee holloway has now been detained
5:48 pm
in the death of a peruvian woman. police caught up with joran van der sloot. the latest details on an investigation under way. also ahead at 6:00, corruption trial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich gets under way in chicago today. we will tell you about another car recall. this one involving tens of thousands of hondas. those stories and more coming up on "news4 at 6:00." i will see you then. >> where is your black jacket? >> get with the program. >> see you later. >> i have navy blue on today. >> you are talking youngsters out there. >> young gun. no named stephen strasburg. >> another -- >> exactly. nationals roster hopefully a -- a bright future he will have with this team and help them win. nationals shortstop ian de'mond, belongs in the big leagues. he is proving it.
5:49 pm
after paying his dues in the minors, desmond is part of the bright future for the nationals. dan hellie has more on the rookie 'ride on the big leagues. >> reporter: this is ian desmond's first season in the big leagues. after beating out guzman for the starting job in sprang training desmond is firmly entrenched at shortstop. and quickly becoming one of the nationals' most important players. >> work really hard this off-season. i worked in the dominican and played rely well out there. and, you know, i guess to myself i already proved i was ready. anything that they said, you know, wouldn't have been anything besides business. i knew at that time i was ready. i want to be in the big leagues forever. lifetime. >> reporter: his coaches and teammates are already calling him one of the premier fielding shortstops in the game. >> i can't imagine a shortstop in baseball that's reaching more balls to his left and right than he does.
5:50 pm
and then when he gets it, it is -- he has his arm as good as anybody. he's been outstanding more so than he was in september last year for me at shortstop. >> you can see in the with you he plays the game, he tries to do anything he can in his power to help his team win. defense or offensively but, you know, he's the best pitcher i have ever seen in terms of making amazing plays like he has a hell of an arm. makes awesome plays all the time. >> justin maxwell knows desmond well from their days together in the minors. a much spending more than five seasons in the minor league desmond looks back with fond memories of what he calls the purist form of baseball. and he's using what he learned there to keep him on the big league level. >> you are watching real baseball. kids are trying to play in, you know, make it to the big leagues. passion and hunger. some of the big leaguers lose the hunger. >> you are happy you are in the
5:51 pm
make zblo majors. >> oh yeah. i'm playing the same way i was play when i was in the gulf coast league in 2004. same way i was in triple-a last year. i play the same way all the time. >> reporter: desmond is the poster boy for the new breed of nats players. young and immune to the talk of losing. he's here to win. and so far the nats are doing just that, much sooner than expected. one of the reasons is their 24 year old shortstop. who is eager to become not just a great fielding shortstop but a great shortstop, period. >> out here working to be the best. i think it is -- if you are doing your job and not trying to do the best at what you do, what are you doing there? you know. i go out like that. every day i put my work in and like i'm trying to train to be the best out there. and, you know, hopefully in time i will be. >> reporter: ian desmond soaking up what should be a long big league career. although he might get a pie or two in the face along the way. dan hellie, news4, sports.
5:52 pm
>> dan, thank you. from a pie in the face to tears. last night in detroit, tigers pitcher armando galarraga was one out away from a perfect game when the first base umpire admittedly made the wrong call costing galarraga a place in history. this afternoon in detroit umpire jim joyce, back on the field behind the plate as home plate umpire, tigers sent out galarraga with the lineup card. joyce wiped away tears and forgiven but not forgotten and really a tough moment the last 24 hours for the tigers and forum pyre jim joyce. we will have more on the play coming up at 6:00 on what he said to galarraga and just -- how emotion it it was. really he cost the guy -- >> an asterisk -- >> no. you know what, he will not have an asterisk. commissioner bud selig said he won't change the call. >> i know. but everyone will know. >> everyone will know. that's all that matters. still ahead, just about
5:53 pm
everything we do uses computer screens. how it may be impacting your vision and what you can do about it. >> find out why singer chris brown backed out of a local boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance by signing up for other things - like homeowner's or renter's insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!"
5:54 pm
exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. save even more with our new multi-policy discount.
5:55 pm
a chris brown concert set to take place in fredericksburg tomorrow has been canceled.
5:56 pm
brown's attorney asked to stop the event. the tickets had been sold for 20 bucks. some of the proceeds were set to go to a children's mentoring program. he said never sign ad contract to do this show. >> just think of what 20 years can mean. few of us had cell phones, laptop computers. >> that's right. and -- today no matter what you do for a living there is a computer screen in your life. >> while we are quick to adapt to the changes of technology our eyes are having to struggle, it seems. >> really? >> reporter: relive out our lives on a computer screen these days from work to play and we spend hours sitting in front after keyboard.
5:57 pm
>> finance manager casandra case said the strain was getting to her. >> i was getting blurred vision and getting headaches and having trouble seeing the computer during the day. >> reporter: her dock says she was suffering from what's called computer vision syndrome and she isn't azone quite common people come in with complaints and eye strain with computer use. >> sometimes we think we are stressed and have a stress headache. it could be because you are -- you are actually creating a lot of muscular eye strain. >> reporter: headaches, blurry vision, fatigue. not a very pleasant lineup of symptoms. but a san diego company wants to make it better. >> really does bring out the contrast and detail and clarity on the screen. >> reporter: step inside gunner in carlsbad and you will see the world through yellow colored glasses. they call these digital performance eyewear and a tip to bring out contrast and detail and a wrap-around style to help keep moisture for dry eyes. >> we had professional video
5:58 pm
gamers that we time with the stopwatch and they won't blank for three, four minutes i don't get blurry vision anymore. i don't feel like i'm straining. >> can a is an tra has been wearing the gunners for months and say they definitely made a difference. >> it is comfortable and you get used them fast. >> reporter: college student andy adams is not so sure she would spend the $08 to $120 to buy them. i asked andy to try them out. she spends four hours a day in front after computer spring. did she notice a difference with the glasses? >> for me it is not a huge difference. >> some cases a light tint, typically light yellow or rose-colored tint. >> reporter: paul says computer glasses are gaining in popularity. as important the digital performance -- >> not rely anything different or anything new than a good pair of computer glasses that you would get from your local optometrist. it is just that they packaged it in such a way that all of those features are all on one. >> you have to look -- otherwise
5:59 pm
you will look like a computer nerd. >> reporter: gunner is after the younger crowd, the gamers and people who want to protect their eyes and look good at the same time. as for casandra -- reaction from people? >> they say i look smarter. >> we have to get some of those. >> yes, we do. >> that's it for "news4 at 5:00." >> "news4 at 6:00" starts right now. crews working to stop that massive oil spill in the gulf finished cutting the underground pipe but they are facing another challenge police are looking for the vehicle that hit and killed a highway worker early this morning in maryland. man once questioned in the disappearance of natalee holloway is wanted for the murder of a woman in peru. most of our area is under a severe thunderstorm watch at this hour. until 9:00 tonight. good evening.


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